4 Tips for Purchasing Sex Toys

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Adult sex toys are personal care items that can be enjoyed alone or with a partner. If you've never owned a sex toy before, you may be unsure what you're looking for. Here are just four tips that will help you purchase sex toys for yourself:

1. Shop online.

If you're nervous about walking into a sex toy shop for the first time, you may want to try online alternatives. Online sex shops allow customers to browse merchandise in complete privacy. You won't have to worry about being spotted by someone you know, and you can take your time making your selections. Online sex toy stores understand the importance of discretion. When you make a sex toy purchase over the internet, your new toy will be shipped in a discreetly labeled package to protect your privacy.

2. Choose body-safe materials.

Sex toys can be made from a variety of materials. Each material has its own look and feel. Some people enjoy rigid sex toys that offer superior firmness. Other people enjoy the slight give of silicone. Whatever you choose, make sure you only buy sex toys made from body-safe materials. Hard plastic, glass, and silicone are all safe for internal use. Sex toys made from soft plastic often contain phthalates, which can be harmful to humans. Choose nonporous toys that can be washed and sanitized for safety.

3. Try various styles.

Sex toys come in many styles for both internal and external use. People who are new to using sex toys may prefer simple external toys, such as bullet vibrators. Bullet vibrators offer a strong sensation in a small, discreet package. Some people prefer dildos made for internal use. If you decide to purchase a dildo, you can choose between abstract or realistic styles. Try different types of sex toys until you find the toys you enjoy. Building up your adult toy collection can be a satisfying experience.

4. Browse sex toys with a loved one.

Sex toys can be a fun addition to your healthy sex life. If you want to add variety in the bedroom, consider shopping for sex toys with your loved one. Looking at the various options can prompt a frank discussion about your mutual desires. Choose toys that catch your eye or things you'd both like to try. Shopping together can heighten the anticipation, which can add a fun new dimension to your sex life.

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